Prof. Sanjeev Galande

Dr. Galande obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the Indian Institute of Science in 1996. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA from 1996-2001, he studied the role of MAR-binding proteins in tumorigenesis. Dr. Galande joined the National Centre for Cell Science in Pune, India in 2001 as a senior scientist. Research in Galande laboratory is focused on studying how the dynamic changes in higher-order chromatin assembly govern gene expression in a spatial and temporal manner. Important contributions from his group at NCCS elucidated how cellular signaling pathways eventually exert their effect at the level of chromatin to orchestrate cell-type specific patterns of gene expression. In 2010, Dr. Galande was recruited as a Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER-Pune). At IISER-Pune he leads the Centre of Excellence in Epigenetics (CoEE) and has assembled a team of scientists to study the evolution of epigenetic mechanisms using multiple model systems. The CoE in Epigenetics focuses on epigenetic modifications underlying variety of biologically important phenomena and their role in gene expression, regeneration, cancer, behavior, aging and evolution. To fulfill these goals Dr. Galande has established a multidisciplinary program engaged at the interface of biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, cell biology, proteomics and genomics.


Meet The Team


Dr. P. Chandramouli Reddy

Wellcome Trust-DBT Early career fellow

Post Doctoral Fellow

My research interests are in understanding the evolution of developmental tool kit and its contribution in diversity of eumetazoan body plans and morphologies. Currently my major focus is to elucidate the transitions in gene regulatory networks involved in body patterning at the base of metazoan phyla. My study model system is Hydra, a simple cylindrical, bilayered freshwater organism belonging to phylum Cnidaria.


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Dr. Rahul Agrawal

Post Doctoral Fellow

My research interest lies in understanding the mechanism of epigenetic modification and transcription-coupled chromatin modification through non-coding RNAs. To explore this, I have joined Sanjeev's lab as a DBT Research Associate since October 1, 2020. Currently, my research emphasis is to explore SATB1-dependent chromatin re-organization induced colorectal tumorigenesis. I have a keen interest in astronomy as well. When I am not in the lab, I therefore try to seek answers to my astronomy queries by reading books and watching videos

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Dr. Ajay Kumar Saw

Post Doctoral Fellow

My research interest involves integration of Artificial Intelligence  approaches such as machine learning, deep learning and Algorithms development for the Big data analysis. My current research theme to unlock clinically relevant information hidden in bulk amount of biological data and provide better understanding for cancer research. I am keen interested to understanding the 3D-mechanisms of the compartment and TADs formation of genome inside nucleus at different stages using high throughput genomic data and their affect in regulatory mechanism. This will help us to study the etiology of cancer. Apart from research, I like playing cricket, volleyball and football.

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Shruti Jawale.jpg

Dr. Shruti Pokharkar

Post Doctoral Fellow

I hold a Ph.D. in Biotechnology, from the Interactive Research School for Health Affairs, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune. During this time, I worked on how maternal fat consumption affects offspring health in terms of Cardiometabolic as well as cognitive impairments. I became a part of Sanjeev’s lab in the month of March, 2020 as a Post-doctoral fellow. I am primarily interested in exploring the various epigenetic mechanisms through which the cognitive ability is compromised or susceptibility to neurodevelopmental disorders is increased. The various model systems used in scientific research fascinates me tremendously. To rejuvenate my mind and soul, I listen to music and sing as well. I also enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy research and scientific reading.

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Ankitha Shetty

PhD Fellow

Graduating from Ramnarian Ruia college in Mumbai, I joined the integrated PhD program of IISER Pune in 2012. After completing my coursework and lab rotations, I joined Sanjeev's lab in May 2015. I am fascinated by how the orderly transitions in the immune system are regulated by signaling mechanisms that alter properties of proteins. Post-translational modifications have been long known to affect protein function significantly. SATB1, a T-cell lineage enriched global chromatin organizer, is an important example of a protein whose molecular function is fine-tuned via the post translational modifications that it acquires. My aim is to study the role of post-translational modifications of SATB1 in human T lymphocytes. I hold a good amount of interest for music and dance as well.

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Akhila Gungi

PhD Fellow

I am from Hyderabad and I completed my Bachelors in technology from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Hyderabad. I am an Integrated PhD student in IISER and joined Sanjeev's lab in the December of 2014. I am trying to establish the role of epigenetic modifiers that alter the epigenomic landscape during the morphallactic regeneration in Hydra. Apart from learning science, I like to learn different types of painting and love to read novels.

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Ankita Sharma

PhD Fellow

I hail from Delhi. I completed my honors degree in Bio-medical sciences from University of Delhi and joined the same for a masters degree in Genetics. I joined Sanjeev's lab as a doctoral student in August 2015. My work primarily focuses on understanding transcriptional regulation of colorectal cancer and progression. Apart from research, I like reading books and sketching.

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Ayush Madhok

PhD Fellow

I am a resident of Delhi. I completed by Bachelor of technology degree from Indraprastha University, Delhi in 2016. In the same year, l started working with Sanjeev at IISER. I'm primarily interested in the molecular mechanisms by which the chromatin organiser SATB1 directs T Cell development and selection. Its interaction partners upon T Cell activation is of key importance to my work. Besides, I like guitaring, singing and dramatics.

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Saurabh Pradhan

PhD Fellow

I was born and brought up in Pune. I did my bachelors and masters in biotechnology from Modern college, Ganeshkhind (University of Pune).  After completion of my Masters I joined Sanjeev's  laboratory to pursue my interest in cancer biology. Initially I worked on a study investigating  "Role of SATB1 in progression of colorectal cancer and metastasis".  Over the years, I moved to working on a new project to delineate "Role of SATB family chromatin organizers in early embryonic development" using Zebrafish as a model system.

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Sneha Tripathi

PhD Fellow

I have completed my B.Sc.(Hons) in Microbiology from University of Delhi. Presently, I am an Integrated PhD student at IISER, Pune. I am pursuing my PhD in the field of cancer biology at Sanjeev’s lab. My project is focused on studying the molecular mechanism of the regulation imposed by Statin family of drugs on β catenin and SATB1. By this investigation we can elucidate the anti-tumour mode of action of Statins. Apart from the Lab, I like reading Indian fiction in the genre of mythology and ancient History. Music is an integral part of my life!

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Anirudh Pillai

PhD Fellow

I graduated from the UM-DAE CEBS, Mumbai in 2017 and then, after a brief stint in cancer biology at ACTREC, I joined Sanjeev's group in 2018 as a graduate student. I am studying the role of post-transcriptional gene regulation in the pre-bilaterian Hydra, which may yield epigenetic insights into the evolution of tissue homeostasis. I play badminton and sometimes volleyball to unwind.

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Greg Dsilva

PhD Fellow

After completing a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from SLS, Manipal. I worked on autophagy and its role in neurodegenerative disorders at JNCASR. I later pursued my Masters in Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology from IBAB, Bengaluru.  Following the completion of my degree, I joined Sanjeev’s lab in September 2019. I am interested in studying various aspects of neurodevelopment, specifically the role of SATB2 a chromatin organizer using zebrafish as a model organism. When I'm not working, I enjoy listening to music and photography.  

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Ekta Gupta

PhD Fellow

I hail from Kolkata and have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from the Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata in 2018. Thereafter, I did my post-graduation from IIT Ropar in Biomedical engineering where I worked in the non-coding RNAs lab. My M.Tech project was focused on finding the role of miRNAs in the regulation of RNA polymerase I that can be exploited for therapeutics in cancer. As a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship, I have joined Sanjeev’s laboratory in July 2020 for pursuing Doctoral studies in the field of cancer biology. My research interest is focused on unravelling the role of epigenetic regulation in colorectal cancer, which can pave novel options for therapeutic interventions targeting tumor development and metastasis. Besides research, I like playing badminton and enjoy cooking.

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Project Students & Trainees


Harshada Jadhav


I joined Sanjeev's lab as a Project-JRF in November 2019. My work focuses on developing cancer models in zebrafish using CRISPR technology. I hold a BTech Biotechnology degree from NIT Warangal. After graduating from NIT, I did MTech in Medical Biotechnology from IIT Hyderabad. I enjoy cooking, reading, and music in my free time.

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Keshav Jha

Project Student

I am a 5th-year BS-MS student in IISER Pune. I joined Sanjeev's lab in August 2018 for lab rotations and continued for the fifth year project through the summer of 2019. My area of research focuses on the role of SATB family of proteins in aging and age-related pathologies using Caenorhabditis elegans as the model system. Besides research, I like playing badminton, gymming, and listening to Bollywood songs.

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Sudiksha Mishra

Meghana Oak

Former Lab Members

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Amit Karole

Dr. Jasmine Kaur Dhall

Dr. Sapana Jalnapurkar

Dr. Ashwin Kelkar

Dr. Ameya Sathe

Dr. Rutika Naik

Dr. Satyajeet Khare

Dr. Ram Kulkarni

Dr. Vijaykumar Muley

Dr. Poornima Chandran

Dr. Shiny Titus

Dr. Suman Prasad

Dr. Madhujit Damle


Dr. Sneha Sagarkar

Dr. Smitha Sreedharan

Dr. Sonam Mehrotra

Dr. Krishnapal Karmodiya

Dr. Manjunath G P

Dr. Farhat Habib

Project Students & Trainees

Jitesh Seth

Devika Mahimkar

Gunjan Misri

Rahul Biradar

Charvee Ravichandran

Prateek Yadav

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Mrinmoy Pal

Amruta Swaminathan

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Sonali Pinge

Neha Oli

Priyanka Bansal

Suyog Ubhe​

Suyash Naik

Rachel Paul

Progya Mukherjee

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Dipeshwari Shewale

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Tejas Valke

Aditi Gavande

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Rahul Sharma

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Geeta Palsule 

Trupti Bhankhede

Rasika Lohokare

Acknowledgments:  Greg Dsilva and Manu Unni