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Epigenetic regulation in adult neurogenesis

Neural stem cells (NSCs) generate new neurons throughout the life of an organism in mammals (adult neurogensis). Adult neurogenesis has been implicated in tissue homeostasis, brain function, and number of psychiatric diseases associated with cognition, aging and depression. Understanding the epigenetic mechanisms underlying adult neurogenesis represents a prerequisite for future therapeutic targeting of adult NSCs for endogenous brain repair. Previously, we have identified specific epigenetic mechanisms underlying tissue homeostasis. Focus of our current research is to investigate the role of epigenetic mechanisms in regulation of adult neurogenesis. Using genome-wide approaches we aim to understand gene regulatory networks during adult neurogenesis. This will be accomplished using multiple model systems including in vitro neural stem cell culture as well as in vivo conditional loss/gain of function in mouse models.

We are also interested in understanding the cross-talk between epigenetic mechanisms and key signalling pathways in neuronal development. Understanding roles played by various epigenetic regulators and their downstream effectors in neurogenesis will be helpful towards unravelling the molecular basis of patho-physiological neuronal conditions.  


Neuroepigenetics  Research Group

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